Hospitality is one of the keywords of our mission. Live the unforgettable experience of sleeping in a castle, in one of the most fascinating and astonishing backgrounds of Northern Italy. The Castle of Lurano is a site of culture and memory, but not only that. It also aims to be a synonym of hospitality, thanks to its overnight accommodation rooms provided to our guests.

Staying in the Castle

With the utmost respect towards our ancient patrons which lasts for centuries, the Secco Suardo family made the Castle of Lurano a true residence for artists. The structure is equipped, in its entirety, with four autonomous apartments, all separated among them.

Three two-room apartments and a four room-apartment can be booked for medium and long-term stayings. These are areas that retrieve the architectural and artistic essence of the Castle, along with its variety of styles. Thus, guests will have the chance to be immersed in that unique atmosphere of calmness and tranquillity. In this way they will improve their reflecting, their thinking, and their creating processes.

At a few steps from Milan, the complex qualifies itself as a castle in Northern Italy where to sleep unique in its genre: far from the city chaos but definitely close to the comforts of modernity.

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