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Embraced by the arch-shaped line that leads from Milan to Bergamo and from Bergamo to Brescia, the Castle of Lurano is the perfect spot, an event location in Italy that can boast an enviable position.

By car, the complex and its event areas are less than one hour’s drive from Milan. In 45 minutes you can get here from Brescia and Monza; in less than 30 minutes from Bergamo. A destination easy to reach, but far from the city chaos.

The Castle of Lurano is a proud member of the exclusive Italian Historic Houses family thanks to its perfect melting pot of history, art, and traditions. Thus, it’s a refined and elegant castle that is also able to respond to the needs of the present days.

Event location in Italy: reception room for your special moments

For many centuries the noble Secco Suardo family has been living in the Castle of Lurano. This makes the whole complex a living and authentic place; a house soaked in culture and evocative vibes. This Historic House is a strategic reception and event location in Italy, at a stone’s throw from Milan. Here you can set up your cultural or corporate events, conventions, and conferences, courses, and seminars. Also, private events such as weddings, graduation parties, baptisms, first holy communions, and birthday parties can be arranged inside the Castle.

If what you need is an event location in Italy, the Castle of Lurano is the best you can wish for. This is quite clear by just looking at the events that took place here in the past.

Renting event rooms in Italy: enchanting spots at the Castle of Lurano

The Castle of Lurano is an elegant and authentic location that offers to whom books it the chance to set up catering service and separated meeting rooms.

To be more precise, in the House four rooms are available:
la Sala Verde (the Green Room);
la Sala Gialla (the Yellow Room);
– the dining room;
la Sala delle Baccanti (the Room of the followers of Baccus).

The Sala delle Baccanti is among the most evocative ones of the entire complex; a real journey back in time that will make your guests fall in love with the environment. With its 60 seatings, this Room is particularly suitable for graduation receptions, confirmations, and weddings. If you wish, Sala Verde and Sala Gialla with their further 30 seatings are available too.

The whole complex is made of different environments developed on two floors. Each environment is bookable alone or in combination with other ones depending on the number of invited guests.

Last but not least, the outside areas are real paradises on Earth. Here, the guests can get access to the garden and to the inner courtyard to enjoy pure moments of absolute silence and relax.

Moreover, the Secco Suardo family allows photographers and video makers to use the areas of the complex – both internal and external – for photoshoots and video making.

Castle of Lurano: a magic event castle in Italy

Thanks to its refined areas, the Castle of Lurano in Bergamo, Lombardy, today is an event castle in Italy unique of its kind. An authentic place to be.

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