Castle of Lurano

Historic House


The Castle of Lurano is a place to explore full of history and culture, like in a time travel.

It’s owned by the Secco Suardo family, it’s located in the province of Bergamo just a few miles away from Milan. The Castle is a Certified Historic House and it’s listed among the Italian Historic Houses.

As a result of over five centuries of careful maintenance, today the Castle of Lurano Secco Suardo appears as an articulate ensemble of buildings developed around the central inner court with a rectangular plant. The Secco Suardo family still lives in the Castel. Among its spaces, it hosts the Giovanni Secco Suardo Association headquarters. These include the library, the Studies and Research Center, and the database of the National Historical Archive of Italian Restorers. Inside the complex, the Castle of Lurano Committee operates as well and coordinates the organization of the guided tours, school activities, concerts, and cultural events that take place inside the complex.


The Castle of Lurano it’s a unique location to celebrate an unforgettable day because the soul of this place stimulates the pleasures of conviviality since ancient times.

It’s the perfect location to set up weddings, events and receptions, holy confirmations and first communions, parties for children or graduates, conferences and corporate meetings. It’s an enchanted place to attend a concert or a conference and a perfect setting for photo shoots and marketing videos.

Secco Suardo family has always been close to the world of the arts, and for this reason, other than organizing its own musical and artistic events, happily offers the areas of the Castle as a location for masterclasses and artist residency.


The Castle of Lurano is a place for events and cultural meetings.

Secco Suardo family has always promoted meetings with artists, philosophers, and intellectuals.

Today, the tradition still carries on. During the year, the Castel opens its gates for meetings and guided tours, concerts, conferences, and educational laboratories thought for school children.

The word experience also means ‘knowledge’ and, as a consequence, ‘sensation’ and ‘emotion’.

Walking into a Historical House for a guided tour along with the owners means enjoying the history and beauty of the place in a different way, thanks to the anecdotes told by the ones who have always taken care of the place.

You will have the chance to live the emotion of attending a strings concert, as in the past, in the very same room where chamber music used to be played. Also, you will learn about previously unknown stories of art, botany, literature, music, cooking, and gastronomy.