Wedding venue in Italy

Have you ever dreamed of getting married in a wedding venue in Italy? Yes? Well, the Castle of Lurano puts at your disposal its exclusive spaces for your wedding ceremony.

The cozy, authentic and evocative scenery of a genuine living house will make you experience the emotion of being a real landlord for a day. You will be able to travel through time by walking between the tastefully decorated halls on the ground floor, all of which furnished in Empire style. On top of that, you will also be able to enjoy the large garden and the inner courtyard. It’s a real Hortus conclusus, with all its hydrangeas and the majestic climbing rose, making it the ideal setting for your open-air wedding.

Wedding venue in Italy. Getting married at the Castle of Lurano in magic like atmosphere

Among the wedding castles in Italy, Lurano is characterized by its secular history, which is intertwined with that of the Secco Suardo family. The family owned the complex until today. The locations at your disposal for your receptions are located on the ground floor. They mainly consists of three small rooms and the large Bacchae Hall (Sala delle Baccanti). The small rooms are: the green room, the yellow room and the dining room.

The Castle of Lurano is the perfect place where set up your fancy, elegant, country-chic or shabby chic wedding in Italy. A suitable location for refreshments both intimate and exclusive, able to accommodate up to 90 guests and which unfolds into continuous halls. Here you will be able to arrange your wedding at the castle, which will be marked by the timeless charm that characterizes the building and its external offshoots.

Getting married in a castle in Italy. Refinement and exclusiveness

Sophistication, history, and culture intertwine and communicate in a continuum of great charm.

Getting married in a castle is a unique experience that will make your most beautiful day truly unforgettable. This is made possible thanks to the many attentions and care that the Secco Suardo family pays to the structure. Live your dream in a castle as suggestive as Lurano. Its vibrancy will add a touch of romance and freshness to the party. On top of that, you’ll have the chance to customize at your own pleasure the exterior. In this way, the garden will become the most magic among all of the wedding locations in Italy.

A cozy, familiar atmosphere in which to feel just like at your place, surrounded by your loved ones; if this is the kind of reception that you want to organize, without giving up to the highest elegance and exclusivity, then the Castle of Lurano is the wedding venue in Italy you were looking for.

A place where your wedding dreams come true.


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