Looking for a masterclasses location in Italy? You will be happy to know that the Secco Surdo family has always been close to the world of art. For this reason, apart from organizing very important artistic and musical events on our own, we gladly offer to the artists the Castle of Lurano’s areas as a location for masterclass and artist residency.

Needless to say, the complex has everything you may need in order to study and work in total peace of mind. This is true not only from a practical point of view; it is true also and above all from an artistic perspective. The classical of the rooms style and the ancient atmosphere of the structure will guarantee a truly intimate contact between teachers and students. Nothing is better than that when the keywords are inspiration and concentration.

Location for masterclasses in Bergamo

Peace and charm surround the whole structure of the Castle of Lurano, making it a truly astonishing and comfortable masterclass location in Bergamo. For their classes, students and teachers will be able to take advantage of its different environments.

First, the independent suite. It includes a bathroom and kitchenette and it’s ideal for masterclasses with only two people. There are also three additional double rooms, all located on the second floor. More specifically, they are the Alcova, the Napoleon room, and the tower room.

In order to rent a room is not mandatory to be two persons. The Castle of Lurano is perfect as well for all those artists that are looking for a cozy and quiet place in order to work in tranquillity. For this reason, we are proud to state that we are not only a location for masterclasses in Lombardy but a “residence for artists” as well. 

In their free time, artists will have the chance to visit the different areas of the Castle, or maybe indulge themselves for a moment of relaxation in the garden, which has also been a botanical garden since the XVII century, admiring its rare plants and getting in touch with the nature in the most unexpected and unprecedented way.

Located at less than an hour from Milan and the famous Brianza area, the Castle of Lurano is definitely a location for masterclasses with no equals, thanks to its position in a suggestive and yet secluded site. Just a few minutes away from Milan’s modernity and Brianza’s unique glimpses. The Secco Suardo family will be glad to provide you with all the information that you may need.

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