Set and shooting location in Italy

Movie sets and shooting location in Italy are part of the national heritage. Lombardy region, where the Castle of Lurano is located, is part of this panorama. It represents a location naturally appealing for filmmakers and photographers from all over the world.

This is possible for at least two reasons. First, the charm that Milan exerts for more than half a century over the stars of the international jet set. Second, its immense variety of landscapes and historic corners that the region is able to offer. The Castle of Lurano is a rightful member of this natural background, allowing photographers and filmmakers to create unique productions within its environment.

Ready. Set. Action! Bergamo: a magnificent movie set and shooting location in Italy

The Castle of Lurano in Bergamo guarantees amazing working areas for artists. Thanks to the lush, skilfully groomed greenish exterior and to the interior’s elegance, the Castle of Lurano is the ideal location for a movie set and shooting location in Italy. This must not surprise. In fact, the castle has been a landmark for many Italian, European or international filmmakers and photographers which had the necessity to shoot or take pictures in a cultured and aristocratic scenario, but still without sacrificing any comfort. We strongly believe that art and comfort can get along with each other.

The complex can be booked in its entirety. Here we offer the opportunity to work inside of the two well-exposed floors which guarantee authorial’s lights and perspectives at virtually any time of the day.

The environments’ diversity is the true feather in the cap of the structure. In addition to the four prestigious rooms on the ground floor, in fact, filmmakers and photographers can also count on the locations on the first floor; thus the gallery, the Chinese hall, the alcove, the Napoleon room, and the tower’s room. Stylistically, these range from rustic to classic, from elegant to luxurious. In the Castle of Lurano, you will find the perfect corner for any kind of shooting or filming.

The interior’s furniture quality is matched by the harmonious vegetation of the outdoor environment. These are indeed excellent locations for wide-angle shooting or filming. They are particularly appreciable especially in the first light of dawn or at sunset. These are in fact the moments in which the sun becomes a protagonist with its characteristic nuances, creating a magical atmosphere worthy of an Oscar award. And we mean it.

The Castle of Lurano: an unmatched location in the entire world

It’s worthed to say that – as far as possible – the environments can be customized. The Secco Suardo’s family has been close to the spreading of the arts for centuries. This is why we try to meet the requirements of the professionals who decide to choose the castle as their set and shooting location in Italy.

If you are looking for a charming set and shooting location in Italy, the Castle of Lurano will ensure you an unparalleled service. All of this will be framed in a environment that has few other comparisons in Europe. Both the exterior and interior areas have never been renovated. Nonetheless, they have constantly taken care and maintained, and therefore they fully represent the spirit of the times in which they were designed.

This means that you will be able to shoot a scene from the 19th century in place that is really from the 19th century. Real filming, not just emulating it.

Are you curious to discover one of the most enchanting sen and shooting location in Italy? Give us a try; we will be happy to help you in arranging your stay. For further information or simply to come to visit us and see with your own eyes the location, feel free to contact us. The castle of Lurano is a genuine set from other times, at the service of the art of today and tomorrow.

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