Guided tours

Guided Tours at the Castle of Lurano

We gladly allow guided tours of the Castle.

The Secco Suardo’s Castle, in Lurano once an actual fortified village, maintained for many centuries its trait of a territorial citadel. It was also determined by the nearby Fosso Bergamasco, the border between the ancient State of Milan and the Republic of Venice. Today, the Secco Suardo Castle manifests itself as a cohesive and articulated complex of structures – that developed around the rectangular-shaped inner courtyard – and other buildings directly connected to the main body, all surrounding the complex.

On the western side of these buildings, along Mazzini street, there is the front door of one of the castle’s entries; this gate faces over the garden and the Castle, as well as the entrance to the seventeenth-century chapel. The garden, transformed at the end of the XVIII century in a Botanical Garden, still preserves some rare and precious species of trees and plants.

The main building maintains an architectural structure datable to the XV century, characterized by the presence of a tower and a porch with cross-shaped vaults. 

Historical House guided tours

All of those who wish to enjoy a tour of Lombardy’s Historic Houses must know that the Castle of Lurano constitutes an irreplaceable landmark, rich in history and charm.

The visitors will enter into the Secco Suardo’s family residence, still inhabited by its descendants today. You will be greeted by the Counts Secco Suardo; guided by them, you will visit the noble mansion in its most hidden sections.

The visit at the Mansion includes a tale, narrated during the whole tour, about the historical event of the surroundings, intertwined with the lives of the numerous members of the family.

Recipients: Groups of about 10-25 persons. (Adults and children 6-14 years old).

Duration: about 1 hour

Costs: 10,00 € adults – 4€ children 6-14 years old – 5€ over 65. Free entry during the day of your birthday


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